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Promoting the learning of languages across Shropshire; here at Bright Owls in the heart of Shrewsbury, we are ready to share our passion for languages with you!


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Bright Owls was founded with one main objective; to promote and encourage the learning of Foreign Languages across Shropshire.

Bright Owls tutors are ready to infuse their passion for languages into all those wanting to learn a new language for whatever purpose. We know that there is no such thing as too 'old' or too 'young' to start learning a language!

Bright Owls believe that everyone is capable of learning a foreign language as long as they are guided appropriately to develop their understanding and confidence. We pride ourselves in generating individual learning programmes to suit our students; matching their learning styles and any particular needs required through their journey.

Bright Owls currently offer tuition in small groups or individually (1 to 1) to suit everyone's learning requirements.

* In addition to our French, Spanish and Portuguese Language courses, from January 2013 we can also offer New Italian courses which have been added to our timetable.  Check it out under the 'New' on the above taskbar.

Feedback from students:

"The team at Bright Owls offer fun and interactive sessions. They infuse students with an enthusiasm for languages and learning, which is quite remarkable." - Peter Jones, Director of Shropshire CU Ltd.

"I was very keen that my family learnt Spanish with Bright Owls; as it's a widely spoken language across the world" - Tina Teearu.




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Workshops in summer holidays - learn a new language



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